Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at


Yes! of course, we ship worldwide for free .

Even to Asia?

Yes. We ship to Asia countries without need of paying an extra fee. 

Yes!, it's possible. 

If you need your order to arrive for a specific day in around 10 days, you just have to mention it in the box during checkout. 

If you need it before 10 days, then please contact us before to make sure that your piece can be produce in that period of time!


We are still shipping to the UK as always!


All pieces are handmade by us, Josefina & Pablo!, 

Sometimes it take us more time than others to finish an order, and this will depend on many factors: for example the time of the year the amount of pieces in your order or even the complexity of the piece you have ordered. If you made your order during a busy period like christmas, or you made and order including more than one piece, then it will probably take us 20 days, in other cases it can be between 10/15 days. Or if you are lucky 7, mostly in ear cuffs!

That's not a problem at all! 

As i mentioned before all our pieces are handmade by me and Pablo, exclusively to order for our clients. 

So, this means that if you can not find your size in our size options, you don't need to worry, we can do the size you need. 

Well now you might be asking yourself how you can do that? 

1. You can chose the closest size in our size list. During checkout you will see a box. in this box you can write the size you want your piece. 

2. If you can not find this box, then right after making your order you can send us an email to, with your order number and the size you want! 

3. If any of these options is good for you, you can always find me in the bubble chat at the right of the screen! 

First check your Spam folder! If the email with the code is not there, don't worry!

You can ask for the code sending us an email to, or you can contact us in the bubble chat! 

Don't forget to leave us your email, if we are not online (we are almost always available online, ut well sometimes we have to sleep) we will contact you as soon as we receive your message


We do work with gold for customized pieces. 

This include bespoke pieces or pieces of our collection that can be specially done in gold 18k. 

For more information you can send us an email to 

OSS CREATIVE is a project we started during the first lockdown in France in March 2020,

OSS CREATIVE is a space were we can design together your feature piece. Or where we can help you materialize your ideas or dreamed jewels. 

Why do we say together? Because during the whole process of production we share photos and videos, so you can see how we work and have an opinion and make changes if you need or want to!.  

OSS CREATIVE started like an online space, but nos is also available at our studio!

If you want to start your OSS CREATIVE project you can send us, drawings, sketches, or even inspirations to